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GCUC Workplace Trends with Liz Elam Season 4

In this season of Workplace Trends, we focus on the future of work. What has happened in the past year, what is next for the industry, and what is going to be the next big thing in coworking?. The podcast series is released quarterly and in our fourth season, Liz Elam interviews leaders in the coworking industry and asks all the burning questions that centralize around the idea of how the future of work will look in 2022.

Here are some of our favorite sound bytes from this season:

We are more focused with our clients now around let’s build general agilities. Let’s build general resilience. Let’s build back up situations. Let’s have a plan. – Steve King, Co-Founder of Emergent Research

Without a doubt, people are thinking about more healthy buildings both in where they work and where they live then we ever have before. Fresh air, re circulation, and materials that don’t make you sick are going to be a high priority as well as more greenery internally which is helpful on multiple levels. – Steve King, Co-Founder of Emergent Research

I think future proofing is about rethinking what it is you offer and making it more about the brand itself more about what your values are and how you fit into people’s world. More and more people are making their choices just based on their values and interests. – Steve King, Co-Founder of Emergent Research

A lot of the things that people are offering that we have been offering for years, so i think just doubling down on what we offered and ensuring that people are happy and engaged with what we are offering. I rather offer less amenities and have a higher level of engagement. – Lisa Skye, CEO and Co-Founder of Primary

Landlords will launch their own individual one or two location brand, but they are traditional landlords, they aren’t experienced operators, they don’t want to be involved in the hospitality side of the business. They will turn to established brands who know what they are doing and create partnership deals. – Lisa Skye, CEO and Co-Founder of Primary

This way they can have access to office spaces even more centrally located as it relates to their employees homes, that is helpful. -Lisa Skye, CEO and Co-Founder of Primary

Gradually I started to realize that the application of technology is more important than the people that we should be serving first and foremost are people. Therefore everything that I have done over the past 15 years has to do with the smarter ways of working, being flexible and agile. – Philip Vanhoutte, Co-Founder of Smarter Working

2022 looks for me like a deja vu of 2020 and 2021. In fact it’s shoving us back two years. It means all going and potentially more work from home. It means people get even more fed up with all digital tools that they want to minimize and therefore don’t get into the digital addiction via social or business. I also see at this moment that work space migration will happen. – Philip Vanhoutte, Co-Founder of Smarter Working

People will need to have good social infrastructure where coworking is the top. It is a variety of diverse people that you can meet and that you can learn from and for me, coworking and good home arrangements are the things that need to come together. – Philip Vanhoutte, Co-Founder of Smarter Working

What it does is it reminds us how vulnerable our organizations are. That forms a certain way of thinking and planning of a business. – Clive Dale, Founder of Bioom

These things are happening, and they are all moving towards something. What they are moving towards is actually getting a better understanding as to what the customer is, who their customer is, and what responsibilities will the landlord have to help respond to those needs. – Clive Dale, Founder of Bioom

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