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A full suite of consulting services

We thrive on creativity and innovation, so no client gets a one-size-fits-all solution. We strategically apply everything we have learned through the years to each unique situation. Whether you have just begun researching shared workspaces and need a market analysis; you are about to open your doors and need operations help; or you are a company developing a flexible workplace plan for your employees, Deco can step in to provide guidance and solutions.

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Workplace Strategies & Operations

Deco has mastered both the art and science of understanding what workers and employees desire. Working with operators we embrace the finer points of technology and training, as well as the big picture of how operations directly impact user experience. Working with Corporations we guide them towards employee-centric solutions that are resourceful, responsive and remote-worker friendly.

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    Covid-19 and the needs and desires of Millennials and Generation Z have irrevocably changed how corporations need to engage with their employees and the environments in which they can ask them to work. Many corporations are unsure of how best to develop an employee-centric, flexible workplace strategy. Deco develops strategies and plans that leverage existing offices, work from home options and shared office space. Our goal is to ensure corporations offer employees the opportunity to work in multiple, convenient locations that make health and safety a priority.

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    Technology and staff should seamlessly merge with the brand vision to create a stellar member experience. Deco guides clients through the process of technology selection and design, from website creation to software and hardware integration. Once technology is in place, we help hire and train staff, preparing your on-the-ground team for launch and beyond.

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    Often, coworking business owners need to divert their attention to other opportunities and ensure that day-to-day operations remain in competent hands. Deco has the capacity to either run a coworking space or find a partner to manage operations.

Evaluation & Analysis

Deco’s partners know what it takes to succeed in coworking and have spent years learning the industry from the inside. Our evaluations offer invaluable insight and save clients time and money.

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    Deco ensures that a sound strategy is in place, the offering will be innovative and position the business for success. Some clients advance partway through the planning process and then utilize Deco’s market insight and industry knowledge to assess existing plans.

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    Deco helps Commercial Real Estate (CRE) understand the benefits of shared workspace within their portfolio. A vibrant real estate ecosystem merges community, work, life, design, and retail. Deco navigates the burgeoning coworking market along with smart CRE that value long-term, mutually beneficial tenant relationships.

Strategy & Design

Our team brings to the table experience and a global perspective. We approach each business with strategic foresight, ensuring our clients have the tools they need to capitalize on the future.

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    Business Model Development

    This process involves developing a custom pricing strategy, creating a unique business model, and running key pro forma financial statements to test assumptions. The results of this collaborative process will help inform the space design and planning because the space must support the business model.

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    Brand Development & Design

    BRAND DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN A compelling brand identity connects a business with its membership and helps the market understand the experience being offered. Each of Deco's partners has created iconic, recognizable coworking brands. They are committed to developing a winning brand every time.

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    Space Design & Planning

    SPACE DESIGN & PLANNING Aesthetics play a huge role in membership experience, from first impression to long-term retention. Deco’s team members have planned and designed numerous successful coworking businesses. We can lead the entire design process including space allocation, furniture selection, colors, decor, and lighting.. Deco works with top architects and interior designers, but we also review existing plans.