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The question was never if the partners of Deco would collaborate, but when. A mutual interest in coworking and workplace strategies led to their paths crossing at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) and other industry events. It became clear that their shared desire to harness the energy of the coworking industry and impact the future of work meant they could do more together. Deco Group soon formed and became one of the world’s leading workplace strategy consultancy.

Deco - Shared Vision

DECO is uniquely equipped to ignite the future of work and guide our clients to be better and do better at every turn.

The recent exponential growth of the shared office space industry did not take Deco by surprise. Our team saw the potential of flexible space before it truly disrupted the real estate industry. Each partner founded prominent and successful coworking spaces prior to establishing Deco. Our industry knowledge and connections keep us several steps ahead of the market and other consultancies. We provide our clients with a future-focused strategic process. This helps operators, investors, asset owners, and corporations move faster and more efficiently towards the right strategy and solution.


The world has changed post COVID and the new way to attract and retain talent is through worker choice. We can analyze your situation and help you make informed and strategic decisions. We’ll help you evaluate next steps regarding how, when and where your workers need to be located to optimize productivity. We focus on human centric design and combine that with technology to get the job done. Our adherence to wellness principles ensures not just physical but mental health is being addressed.

Deco will expertly bring your vision, business model or flexible workplan to life.

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