Coworking Advisory Services for Real Estate Asset Owners/Managers

  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Model Development and Strategy
  • Brand Strategy and Design
  • Technology
  • Space Design and Planning
  • Staffing and Training Package
  • Operations Manual
  • Critical Documents Package

Many real estate developers and asset owners are familiar with the terms coworking, flex space or shared space. Increasingly these organizations are looking to understand what the new ways of working and the transition from work life balance to work life integration can mean for the value of a real estate portfolio, tenant-landlord relationships and differentiation of commercial, residential and mixed use developments.

Recent advancements in workplace design and smart building technology are beginning to transform the workplace experience. However, the commercial real estate industry; one of the last industries to be fully disrupted by advances in technology, shifting demographics, increased globalization, and the accelerating rate of change is just waking up to the opportunity. Pressure to offer next-generation, experiential workplaces doesn’t just fall on today’s organizations and the C-Suite – it’s now shared with commercial and residential landlords.

The DecoGroup is a team of high performing, experienced individuals bringing a diverse range of business and life knowledge to our current partnership. With successful backgrounds in marketing and advertising, technology and sales, real estate and law we all have chosen coworking as our second career. We are pioneers and thought leaders in our industry. We have developed the world’s leading coworking consulting practice and have consulted with asset owners, start-ups and enterprise brands on projects in Asia, the United States, Canada and Africa.

We offer a full suite of consulting services to support Commercial Real Estate through our tunkey coworking process. Each phase can be offered a la carte or packaged as part of an integrated offering. Call us and we will prepare a proposal to meet your needs.

Better Together

The Deco Group offers a solution anchored in a human centric approach to work that leverages digital and physical assets to help companies and their employees work the way they want and must to succeed.

Traditional coworking spaces address only the first part of the Enterprise challenge. A superior solution must do more than just sublease space. We offer coworking designed exclusively for Enterprise; we combine technology and design to address productivity, innovation and employee satisfaction. We help corporations retain the best and brightest and enhance their own brand cultures. Our human centric approach to work and space addresses the physical, mental and environmental elements of wellness.

The Deco Group will be the first coworking business focused solely on the Enterprise market anchored on 5 core components:

Meet the DecoGroup Team